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Olivier Fouchard

Graduate in Fine Arts from Grenoble, Olivier Fouchard, an artist from the start and Trameur-Peintre (since 1986), Fouchard has produced since the mid-90s a remarkable number of films and videos. Like an alchemist, he masters, thanks to artisanal laboratory techniques, most of the stages in the production of film films. His sensitivity and painterly gaze gives his films a materiality and colors witha a rare visual power.

Olivier Fouchard has also co-directed films with Mahine Rouhi since 1999 in the Cinematographic Workshops Of Artists or "Independent Laboratories" such as: L'Abominable (Asnières / Seine) and Atelier MTK (Grenoble) ...

These films are distributed in France at Light Cone (Paris) and / or the Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Montreuil).

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