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  • Editions Bas Parleur -...

    Bas Parleur Editions is an editorial project whose productions can appropriate all media and formats. Each is realized in strict collaboration with the authors as an artistic project in its own right.
    Bas Parleur Editions strives to publish projects using texts, letters, writing, or which questions these thorugh different media.

  • Micheal Snow CD

    Originally a professional jazz musician, Micheal Snow has a long-standing interest in improvised music, as indicated by the soundtrack to his film 'New York Eye and Ear Control'. As a pianist, he has performed solo and with other musicians in North America, Europe and Japan. Snow performs regularly in Canada and internationally, often with the improvisational music ensemble CCMC and has released more than a half dozen albums since the mid-1970s.

  • Jean-Luc Guionnet

    Jean-Luc Guionnet (1966) is an alto saxophonist and French organist playing improvised music and free jazz. It is also a visual artist, performer and electro-acoustic music composer.
    He has collaborated with Eric La Casa, Eric Cordier, Edward Perraud, Dan Warburton, Pascal Battus, Thomas Tilly, etc. He plays most notably with the groups Hubbub, Pheromone and The Ames Room (with Claython Thomas and Will Guthrie).

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