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List of filmmakers organised by last name from X to Z


  • Ahmed Zir

    Ahmed Zir has been an independent Algerian director since 1979.  He has directed more than 45 films in Super 8 and has received more than 35 national and international awards including in Tunisia, the USA, Belgium and France. Ahmed Zir is defined as an "independent filmmaker and cinephile."  Teacher since 1972, he wrote for the Tunisian film magazine 'The 7th Art' and participated in the Algerian radio show 'Cinerama.'

  • Frans Zwartjes
  • Isao Yamada

    Isao Yamada was born in 1952 in Hokkaido. At the age of 21, he worked for the theater company of poet, playwright and filmmaker Shuji Terayama. He worked on four of Terayama's films as chief decorator. When Terayama died, Isao Yamada was the only artist able to retrace his world of images.

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